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x-rays give interior structural views for better care

A proper look inside before treatment is essential.

If work and everyday activities cause you pain ...

Professional athletes spend hours training their muscles and work hard to achieve balance in their strength. Chiropractic care benefits athletes and ordinary people alike.

Chiropractors may be treating your back pain, but they are very concerned about the role your back plays in your overall health. Your chiropractor needs a complete picture of your health in order to provide the best possible treatment for you as an individual. Plan to spend up to one hour on your first visit to the chiropractor.

The chiropractor may perform some of these tests:

  • X-ray of your spine
  • Analysis of your movement (like observing how you walk or lift things)
  • TIP: Bring a copy of any x-rays you might have.

  • A check of your blood pressure, pulse, and breathing
  • A check of your reflexes
  • A test of your muscle strength, flexibility, and coordination
  • Analysis of your posture

These assessments give the chiropractor a better picture of your complete health. If your chiropractor diagnoses a problem better treated by another health care professional, he or she will make an appropriate referral. Otherwise, your chiropractor will focus on the specific cause of your back pain. This usually involves:

  • listening to you describe your pain and symptoms
  • using his or her hands to locate the exact problem in your back
  • testing how far you can move in the problem area
  • determining if other parts of your back or body are affected by the problem (for example, pain in our back can change the way we walk or sit, and this may result in pain in completely different parts of our body like our hips or knees).

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Back pain may be reduced by a manual adjustmentor realignment, or may indicate a more serious problem requiring medical treatment.

A chiropractic examination is one step towards identifying causes, a healthful precursor to finding solutions.