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"Dr. Bob Maier was introduced to me via one of my close friends who has and continues to be renewed by his excellent care. I was unable to walk at the time due to a back injury from a fall. Once I rested enough to make it to his office, through x-rays, questioning, and a thorough physical examination of what was occurring, Dr. Bob started treatment. Within the first 2 weeks there was significant improvement. Now years later, I simply go every couple to a few months for upkeep! If I did not, I certainly would have problems walking again. I can't even think of not having this wonderful chiropractor in my life. Thanks Dr. Bob for your experience, talent, and caring ways." - Joyce T., Marlborough

"Since 1988, Dr. Bob has been keeping my neck from seizing. The first exam showed my neck had a flat spot. I compensated, by retaining stress in my shoulders. Since my first visit, Dr. Bob has kept my neck flexible, my rib where it belongs, my lower spine from pinching, and a shoulder injury from preventing me from enjoying activities that are a vital part of my life. Thanks, Bob, you are a life-saver." - Anne A., Marlborough

"I was so happy to have Dr. Bob Maier's help. A searing pain from my sciatica was making my life miserable, and nothing helped until I was treated by Dr. Bob." - Maggie S., Hudson